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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Reeling in a New Way for Leftover Fish

Last night we had the worst monsoon we've experienced since moving to AZ!  We lost power from 10 at night until 6:45 this morning.

Lucky moved to my head and cried, our grandpups howled and barked, Pepper hid in the closet and Steve and I-let's just say with no A/C and the house at probably 100 degrees, we did NOT sleep.

So tonight I'm in no mood to really cook and I have leftover mahi mahi that must be used.

Does this mean a "bad" dinner?  Absolutely NOT!

Check it out:

Friday, July 25, 2014


I'm Seeing Red

I’m Seeing Red

No, I’m not angry-just enjoying a bit of the color “red” around here.  We are used to seeing reds, pinks and blues in the sunsets-but this morning was different!


Lucky had just finished her morning meal and I was taking her out into the yard when I heard a bird singing.  That was just a tad odd-you see, the road runners make a weird sound that is both “peep” and “engine” in nature.  The pigeons make a traditional “coo”, the owls the “who” and the quail make a cluck-but this was a song.

I looked around and saw not one but two red birds!  If I didn’t know better I’d swear they were cardinals, but outside of the pro football team here, I doubt a cardinal hangs around the North side of Phoenix and in the Sonoran desert.

There they were on the block wall singing a song to what appeared to be just me and our tiny pooch.  It was lovely.  I wanted to snap a photo and share it with you but darn if the phone wasn’t inside being charged.


Steve finally saw the family of cottontails the boys and I have been telling him about-he couldn’t believe they were hiding in one of our shrubs.  “Don’t those rabbits know they’re just begging to be stuck by those thorns?”

They’re rabbits; I think they’re just happy to find a source to have water (the drip system tubing), a bit of shade and protection from the rattlers and coyotes.

I was seeing a bit of red over a couple of unexpected medical bills though.  As a woman, many of those who read this part will sympathize!  I had to have an extra mammogram a while back.  Six months before the technicians found “something” that turned out to be nothing but insisted they wanted a re-check.  So I went.  It took 4 long hours!  Poor Steve had to entertain the boys during this event.  This set of techs also saw “something”, but on the other side.  It too was just what I said, nothing.  But I was happy they were so thorough.


Turns out our PPO does cover mammograms-but it does NOT cover extra views or ultrasounds!  Imagine our chagrin when we received a bill for $500!  GRRR.


Other “red” things this week-I was not happy to find out that a special “compound” my pain management doctor had ordered was still not close to being able to give me a price on.  It’s been almost a month, countless phone calls and then I was told, “We have to get this okayed by your PPO in California because we can’t get approval here.”  That was over a week ago.  I also asked, “Before you send it I need to know how much will this personal compound cost is going to cost me, how long does one tube last and is this something that I will need to use all the time or once it works over the course of time I can wean off of and not have the problem come back?”

I was told these were excellent questions and they’d have someone call.  I’m guessing the questions were quite difficult since no one has bothered to contact me!

Luckily I’m seeing the doctor in a few days-maybe he or one of his assistants can do a bit more work and get me some answers.


Until then, I prefer to see the red birds and hear a song that anything that puts my checkbook or face “in the red”.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Comforting Cobbler With the Season's Best Fruits!

Here's a take on Fruit Cobbler that's quick, easy and delish for dessert or perhaps some breakfast

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Not in My Neighborhood

Not in My Neighborhood!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to approach the subject of having a sex offender in the neighborhood.  I suppose I could have used the “S” word in the title and received a lot of hits. 


It all started when I picked up the mail on Saturday.  In the box along with a Blu-ray for Steve, a Time magazine and a couple of credit card offers (thank goodness no bills!) was “an IMPORTANT sex offender notification”!


In all my 56+ years-I’ve never received one of these before.  But this one had the information that this person had “tied up and bound 3 juvenile females for a period of time and then released them.”


Now our neighborhood watch leader is researching this information-because we all seemed to think it was illegal for a person such as this to live within a certain amount of square footage of a park and/or school.  We have 3 pocket parks and a school up the street.

The entire situation alarmed us all-whether we had young children, no children or grandchildren who were visiting with any amount of consistency.

Personally, while I’ve interviewed Lenore Skynazy (the free-range mom) several times and agree with her on many points-I just can’t feel comfortable allowing my grandsons to go across the street to the pocket park unless I’m right there with them.  There’s an entire desert wash which houses everything from rattlesnakes and bunnies to teenagers using the poor saguaros as target practice for their bb guns.


Sorry, not this grandma! 


Obviously this means the chances of the boys wandering the neighborhood on their own is 0%.


But a lot of kids do wander around.  Several parents were very vocal about this flyer on our personal website.  Hence the leader checking into what, if any, options there are to keep this person away from all the kids. 


Intellectually we all know we can’t throw this person out because of his history-unless Arizona also states that he can’t live within a certain amount of feet of schools and parks-but we also don’t feel our children should feel threatened by who lives around them.  The adults feel uncomfortable with the new information as well.


This news also arrived just as I received a writing assignment for, what else, how to keep latch key kids safe while walking home from school (or getting home from their bus stops)!


I think what we all fear the most is that for many of us, moving to the outskirts of the burbs was in some way a stand to make sure our kids could play outside without fear and now the fear is real and overt.

For the moment all of us are keeping that flyer in plain view of our phones-we have this man’s name, his address and his parole officer’s name and phone number. 


What we hope is that he stays to himself; away from the kids and that we NEVER have the opportunity to use the information.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Breakfast Rehabs

Breakfast is my favorite meal-but sometimes I need something new to enjoy:

Friday, July 11, 2014


Gotta Love a Great Musical

Gotta Love a Great Musical


I don’t usually do reviews-but I’m going to tell you about a feel good, toe-tapping movie!  Yes, a movie. I know, over the course of the last 8 years I’ve probably told you that sitting in a movie theater for 2 hours is more a “literal” pain than pleasure-but today I will admit that watching this movie was worth the “ouch” factor.


A little background, in another life I was a musical theater dancer.  Even though I “hung up” the Capizios at age 31, seeing a show all these years later brings tears to my eyes.  While in New York we got to see Aladdin.  Fantastic!


Years ago Steve and I had a season of musicals at the LA Music Center-one of the shows was “Jersey Boys”.  Frankie Valli had always been one of our favorites and we loved every minute of the story and music.  We even saw it with the original cast members!


We also were lucky enough to see Frankie Valli in person about 5 years ago. He was, at that time close to 75 and put on a great performance.


You know what’s next!  We saw the Clint Eastwood movie version of “Jersey Boys” this week.  It was fabulous!  The music can’t be beat and he used the original Broadway cast which was an extremely smart move!  We both went out feeling happy and glad that we hadn’t waited for the Blu-ray version from Netflix.  We were humming the songs happily for the full 20 mile drive.


In fact, it was so much fun to watch-I still asked Steve to put it on our queue.


There’s also nothing like a “date”.  This summer we’ve had the boys every day except for Saturday and Sunday-and Sunday night has seen them join us by bedtime due to their parents new summer working hours.  A day off to be empty-nesters was just what we needed.


Thankfully there is also this wondrous and budget- friendly price of $5 on matinees for people over 55.  Sometimes, we actually love getting older. 

Next week?  We know we’ll be having bone scans, watching the boys (including Jackson) and doing our usual chores-so we feel justified in at least taking the length of the drive and the movie for ourselves.


After last week’s post, I realized that I’ve been doing this blog for 8 years.  It’s changed in looks and topics and like me, it seems to have found a niche. 


Hope you all had a great Independence Day!  Hard to believe that we’re into the last half of 2014!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Summer Fun

Nothing says fun like having a splash pad all to yourselves!

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